Bernard Maybeck

Bernard Maybeck was a marvelous romantic architect who is often associated with the Arts And Crafts Movement. But not all of his work is really Arts & Crafts, as witnessed by the fabulous Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

There is now a wealth of Maybeck material on the web, in pleasant contrast to the situation a few years ago. Here is a small sampling:

The Maybeck Foundation. Send money to these people.

Great Buildings Online's Maybeck page

Maybeck show at the Berkeley Art Museum

Dr. Howard Gates' Maybeck House's page on Bernard Maybeck

The Exploratorium's Maybeck page. (The Exploratorium is housed in the Palace of Fine Arts. Two treats in one building!)

Bernard Maybeck and Brookings Oregon. Just trust me on this one.

Maybeck was also a mentor to and sometime collaborator with one of my other favorite architects, Julia Morgan.