About These Pages

These pages are best viewed with 24-bit color and a reasonably big screen. If you have a crappy browser it may look crappy (actually, all these browsers are still pretty crappy, but it's a relative thing). If you have fiddled with your font preferences or color settings, it will probably look crappy. If you have a old-fashioned 256 color display, it will almost certainly look crappy -- get yourself a better display card, they're cheap. If you have a slow net connection you may also suffer; buy a bigger pipe. Call me an elitist if you want.

A number of people have asked me about the pictures that appear in the backgrounds of some of these pages. The peculiar looking building is the Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum in Wapakoneta, Ohio (Wapakoneta is Neil's home town). I took these photos in the afternoon and night of July 20, 1981, the 12th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. While the building is very interesting, the museum inside is incredibly depressing. The greatest triumph of human civilization has been turned into something dead and ancient with which to bore school children.

It is located right alongside Interstate 75, making it a handy location for the sacrificial stop to placate the gods of the Wapakoneta Triangle. When I lived in the midwest I drove down I-75 semi-frequently and found it impossible to drive through Wapakoneta without stopping. If I didn't stop on purpose, somewhere in the Wapakoneta area the fates would stop me involuntarily with an engine breakdown, flat tire, empty gas tank, sick passenger, speed trap, or some similar disaster. I soon learned it was far easier just to exit and look at the museum for a while.