Art Deco

Art Deco is a style that dates from an age when people thought the future was cool. Some of us still think so. Here is a sampling of Art Deco links to get you started:

Napier, New Zealand A town in New Zealand that was pretty much wiped out by an earthquake and fire in 1931 and then rebuilt into an Art Deco treasure trove.

Kalamazoo, Michigan Another city built up in the 1930's that somehow escaped some of the ravages of time.

The Miami Design Preservation League There's lots of great historic Art Deco in Miami, and this group is dedicated to keeping it healthy.

Retropolis An Art Deco enthusiast's site, with lots of useful links.

Decopix A mysterious but beautiful site with lots of wonderful photographs and illustrations.

Art Deco World Australian seller of lots of beautiful Art Deco stuff I can't afford.

Art Deco Metropolis Truly fanatical Art Deco site with a HUGE collection of links. You could spend hours...